Grabbed from link Photo courtesy of Brad Smith Photography For the 250+ rabid pet bloggers who attended the first annual BlogPaws conference in Columbus, Ohio, the event was close to being a religious experience, and far exceeded everyone’s expectations. If you wish you’d gone but didn’t, here are 13 reasons to attend BlogPaws 2011: The […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Dogs, Funny Animal Videos Here at Paw Nation, we know that every pet has a story, and it’s usually a story their owners just love to tell. So we decided to hit the streets to ask pets (and their owners) about everything from how they were adopted to what was […]

Grabbed from link By Jay SpeidenLosing a pet is like losing your best friend or a member of your family. So a simple blood test that could help detect one of the leading canine killers would seem like good news, but some veterinarians are not completely sold. … full story Discussion I like the fact […]

Grabbed from link A wee black kitten who was rescued from the engine of a Sydney AU highway patrol car has received a clean bill of health from the vet and is back in police custody. Estimated to be about four weeks old, the kitten survived two hours trapped in the engine compartment of Senior […]

Grabbed from link WARNING: This story describes an act of animal cruelty in moderate detail. Mango the Cat, a sweet calico, was recently the victim of animal cruelty. Her owner couldn’t afford the thousands of dollars in medical bills. New Beginnings for Animals Merced and a vet — Dr Christine McFadden — came to her […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Dogs, Pet Adoption emerille, Flickr Thinking about getting a dog or a cat but not sure if you can handle the commitment? You might make the perfect foster parent. As Sarah Oren of Foster Dogs in New York notes: “So many people don’t know what they’ll be doing next year, […]