Grabbed from link Filed under: Funny Animal Videos razputinz, Flickr With so many puppy videos and so little time, we’ve gone the extra mile and begun cataloging some of the finest YouTube offerings, separating each collection by breed in a feature called Puppy Party! Today’s round-up features the lovable indomitable Italian greyhound! Poor Charlie — […]

Grabbed from link A recent house fire in Lakeland, TN, resulted in the loss of feline lives, but 5 cats were resuscitated by pet oxygen masks which had been donated to the fire department. Here’s the story: LAKELAND, Tenn. – Pet oxygen mask helped save five cats and one dog in a Lakeland house fire. […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Cute Pet of the Day KeriAnn Ventresca Name: Jojo Location: Connecticut Likes: Playing with his special stuffed animal. Loves: Looking out the window at squirrels. Really Loves: Cuddling with his owners — especially little Maia, his favorite. Dislikes: He’s so easy going he doesn’t have any dislikes. Jojo’s always happy. […]

Grabbed from link In a reader? Click here to watch video. This light-hearted video reminds us that Adopt-a-Cat month draws to a close, it’s important to remember that there would be a lot fewer kittens needing adoption if everyone would spay and neuter their cats. Got feral cats hanging around? It’s a lot easier to […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Cats, Pet Adoption Torre Argentina Gattaras. It’s the Italian name for women who feed and care for stray cats. It’s not necessarily a flattering term, but at least two “gattaras” are happy to accept the mantle: Lia Dequel and Sylvia Viviani, who run the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary, which helps […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Cats, Funny Animal Videos Sometimes, good friends like to give each other baths. But get your mind out of the gutter — we’re just talking about interspecies animal pals, like Hoppy the deer, who likes to make sure his feline friend, Tiptree, is clean as a whistle. Hoppy himself is […]