Grabbed from link Filed under: Exotic Pets Java macaques in a zoo. giuss95, Flickr Polly Schultz loves to cuddle Baby George. When he recently underwent surgery, she spent hours snuggling with him on the couch. There are a few things, however, Schultz can’t share with George. She can’t eat food in front of him. Neither […]

Grabbed from link It’s always nice to be able to wrap up a story with a happily-ever-after ending. Last week we shared the tale of Grandma Moses, the cat who was tossed inside her carrier into the Charles River in Boston. This week, we’re happy to report that she’s found a new furever home. The […]

Grabbed from link Zootoo Pet News StaffA table scrap here, a little taste there — when indulging our pets, the temptation to slip them tiny treats of our food can be strong. But certain human foods can be dangerous to pets, so keep your animals safe and healthy by avoiding these risky treats.… full story […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Dogs, Giveaways The Winners: Gretel, Jonas It’s been an exciting few weeks here at Paw Nation as the most adorable pets in the land battled it out to decide who was the cutest of the cute. After hundreds of thousands of votes from our readers, the most darling dog and […]

Grabbed from link San Francisco Bay Area cartoonist and illustrator Yasmine Surovec nails the Crazy Cat Lady experience with her LOL depictions of life as a cat person in her series “Cat vs. Human.” You can find more of her work here. Follow Yasmine on Facebook. Follow Yasmine on Twitter. To view the entire post […]

Grabbed from link Zootoo Pet News StaffThe Procter & Gamble Company announced Sunday that it is voluntarily recalling two specific lots of its prescription renal dry cat food as a precautionary measure, as it has the potential to be contaminated with salmonella. … full story Discussion To view the entire post click the word "link" […]