Grabbed from link Today’s the last day to enter to win a KatKabin on The Cat’s Meow! Outdoor kitties need extra help this year to stay dry and warm, and the KatKabin does just that. CLICK HERE for details on how to enter. Don’t have ferals or outdoor kittehs? Enter, then give the KatKabin away […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Farm Animals Farm Sanctuary Many of us envision farm life as idyllic: cattle grazing against a blue sky, chickens pecking at the grass outside an airy red henhouse. Sadly, that’s not the reality for the majority of farm animals in the United States, who live in overcrowded factory farms or […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Pets News, Farm Animals Larry Mayer, Billings Gazette Authorities and volunteers near Billings, Mont., are coordinating an unprecedented livestock rescue effort involving both trucks and air support, reports the Billings Gazette. Since Thursday morning, a helicopter donated by Billings Flying Service has been airlifting bales of hay to 500-700 malnourished […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Dogs Getty While most of us think of our pets as family, many of us have two-legged children, too. That’s why we are letting you know that our sister site, ParentDish, has just launched a newsletter that covers great parenting tips, money-saving bargains, breaking news and the occasional pet and […]

Grabbed from link Billy the Meezer is finally back in his Liverpool home seven years after he vanished. When he went missing in 2004, his owner, Carol Rogers, did everything she could to find him. She put up flyers, contacted local vets and offered a £250 reward. But no luck. Until last week. A vet […]

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