Paw Nation Battle Royale!

July 31st, 2011

Grabbed from link Sephiroty Fiesta, Flickr Today is a special Paw Nation event. We’re going to celebrate the wild streaks that remain in our domesticated friends, the elements of their natures that still command them to dominate, hunt and survive at all costs. Pets will take on outside forces. Pets will take on each other. […]

Duckling Feeds Koi Pond

July 30th, 2011

Grabbed from link Filed under: Birds, Fish, Funny Animal Videos Oh, isn’t this the cutest darn thing you ever did see? Doesn’t it just make you feel good inside? It’s giving me a case of the ol’ warm-and-fuzzies. This duckling isn’t even mature enough to reproduce, yet there’s some caring instinct inside of it causing […]

Hippo Is a Ham

July 30th, 2011

Grabbed from link Filed under: Funny Animal Videos You can’t hear it, but under the water they’re listening to Ponchielli’s “Dance of the Hours.” Permalink | Email this | Comments To view the entire post click the word "link" next to the title. Follow me on Twitter at for more pet topics and pet tweets. Related Blogs

Grabbed from link Filed under: Cute Pet of the Day Erica L Holt, Flickr Name: Ellen Location: Charlotte, N.C. Age: 1 Breed: Feist terrier/Australian shepherd mix Favorite Toy: Ellen loves her basketball, but her favorite toy is her friend Shelby. Favorite Treat: Rawhide chewies. Likes: Ellen loves the water, playing tug, and she loves to […]

Grabbed from link BlogPaws is a blast! Are you going to the BlogPaws pet-blogging conference? Do you know what BlogPaws is? If not, you should! BlogPaws is a conference dedicated solely to pet lovers who blog and use social media to help pets or just to share their pets and make friends with other pet […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Pet Health Pet surgery. clstal, Flickr Every veterinarian offers basic care such as vaccinations, neuter surgery, and parasite control. But today, just as in human medicine, veterinary specialties offer modern techniques that go “beyond the basics.” Here are just a few “wow” techniques now available to our cats and dogs. […]