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Grabbed from link Filed under: Pet Health, Ask A Vet, Animal Sites We Love publicenergy, Flickr Although I keep hoping that its time will come, the Internet hasn’t done much to dispel some erroneous thinking on the subject of pet healthcare. If anything, the Web is fueled by the kind of rumor mill sensibility that […]

Grabbed from link Happy Holidays! Can you believe that today is the last Furrday of the year? OMG, time flies fur sure! I hope everypawdy had an amazing Christmas and that you guys made your New Year’s resolutions! I had a superPAWsome Christmas with my family, and Santa brought me tons of cute clothes that […]

Grabbed from link Okay, I had to channel my inner Barry White for this tune. I’ve never had the problem of cats licking my lotioned legs, probably because my overactive sebaceous glands keep my skin slick and moist on their own. If closing the door and putting on pants isn’t working out for you, you […]

French Bulldog Tries to Talk

December 30th, 2011

Grabbed from link Filed under: Dogs, Pet Training, Funny Animal Videos Have you ever wished that your dog could talk? If so, did you really think it through? This might be one of those classic be-careful-what-you-wish-for situations. Even with the mental capacity for language and the desire to speak it, it’s not as if the […]

Grabbed from link Happy MOO Year! Oh hai! Moo again. Mom never lets me blog. But that’s okay, because she got I got a brand new comfy, fluffy comforter for her bed for Christmas, so I’ll let her slide. Anymoos, I have some New Year’s resolutions this year. I think kitties can have those, too. […]