Grabbed from link A dog in Tennessee is scheduled to be put down at his shelter this afternoon if no one adopts him, all because his original owner thinks the dog is gay and surrendered him. Jackson TN Euthanasia/facebook 1 of 6 More Share on Tumblr Pin It Email to a friend put that down/flickr […]

Grabbed from link Right now I’m sitting in bed, in my pajamas, after barely surviving half a day at the office.  I’ve finally succumbed to the crud that’s going around. My head is spinning, and I have all the energy of a baby bird that’s just fought its way out of its shell. So what […]

Grabbed from link Thinkstock 1 of 11 A month ago, you made a New Year’s resolution to do more in 2013 to help animals. Now it’s already the end of January, and you realize you haven’t been sure where to start. Read on to learn about a number of different animal causes local and foreign, […]

Grabbed from link The idea of his own mortality always made Rusty VandenBiesen nervous. He didn’t want to spend eternity in a pine box or an urn, where he felt he’d surely be forgotten by the living. He longed for an alternative that would make him feel better about his own passing — something that would allow him […]

Grabbed from link Thinkstock 1 of 7 As winter takes hold there are common – and sometimes invisible – winter risks you need to be aware of. By taking simple preventive measures you and your pet can get through the coldest days of the year. Here are six winter situations that could be dangerous for […]

Bunnies Play in Snow

January 27th, 2013

Grabbed from link Button and Thumper are Mini Lops rabbits that love the snow. They even lived outside year-round until they were 9 years old. Related Cockatiel Sings To Bunny (video) Adorable Fluffy Bunny (video) Bunny Letter Opener (video)   Read | Permalink | Email this | Comments To view the entire post click the word "link" next to the title. […]