Grabbed from link Photos of my pets hang throughout our home. In fact, images of Dolly and Spot far outnumber any other kind of artwork on display. And I’m always looking for new ways to show off their smiling faces. This week’s Friday Freebie from Rebecca Fischer fits the bill. The Colorado artist makes fun […]

Grabbed from link Kathy Blumenstock via Pet360.comCats believe every year is The Year of The Cat (and of course, they’re right!). They’re happy if the year includes the requisite amount of treats and toys, a cozy home life and our affection and devotion. But what do the stars have in store for the kitty in […]

Grabbed from link You want to take the best care of your cat. We all do. But you’ll be depending on your veterinarian to help you here. The veterinarian works with you as well as your cat — a challenging job, to say the least. I have the greatest admiration for the veterinary profession. I […]

Easter Bunny Origins

March 29th, 2013

Grabbed from link Thinkstock 1 of 8 INTRO These days, Easter is primarily a religious holiday. But in the mainstream consciousness, the day still maintains very old, non-Christian customs, including the legend of the Easter Bunny, a Santa-like rabbit who delivers colored eggs, candy and other treats to well-behaved children. But where did the Easter […]

Grabbed from link Pet360.comAt the 2013 Global Pet Expo, Pet360 asked pet food representatives if they’d eat the pet food they sell.… full story Discussion To view the entire post click the word "link" next to the title. Follow me on Twitter at for more pet topics and pet tweets. Related Blogs

Grabbed from link When I was 4, my family moved from residential Berkeley, CA, to the tiny town of Occidental, about 100 miles to the north. I dimly remember registering the differences between city and country, the main one being that I couldn’t walk to Janie’s house. But I remember clearly that we brought two […]