Grabbed from link PDSA 1 of 4 It’s not just puppies who put their mouths on things they’re no supposed to. Star is a 7-year-old Jack Russell Terrier from the U.K., and she got either a little curious, a little hungry or both, enough to make her swallow 80 stones and pebbles, according to Yahoo News. […]

Slim Down Your Fat Cat: 5 Ways

August 31st, 2013

Grabbed from link “Oh my gosh, JaneA, your cats are so tiny!” More than one person has said that to me, despite the fact that Siouxsie, Thomas, and Bella are all within the normal size range for cats, weighing between 7 and 10 pounds each. Maybe they think my cats are so small because they’re […]

Grabbed from link Buying toys for our dogs means taking a big emotional risk. Dogs don’t have the same social contracts with us as we do with each other. They don’t understand the concept of politeness. That can lead to human heartbreak. When you buy a friend a present that she doesn’t like, she will […]

Tale of the Calico

August 27th, 2013

Grabbed from link Pet360Their coats are among the most distinctive in the feline world: patterned in bright oceans of white broken by continents of black and orange. The white looks dazzlingly snowy by contrast, the black more intense, the orange more vivid. Sometimes the triple color combo is more muted: instead of black, there’s rich […]

Grabbed from link If you ask Marty Hoewe, blindness is her cats’ ability, not their disability. When it comes to blind cats, Marty knows her stuff — she and her husband, Fred, have seven special-needs cats, two of whom are blind, and Fred is legally blind himself. Their other cats’ disabilities include diabetes, hip dysplasia, and […]

Grabbed from link PawNation 1 of 50 What’s hot right now? PawNation’s top 50 dog leaders! We’ve got a wide variety of cute pups that are doing awesomely in our Who’s Cutest game. There are thousands of your pets entered in the game, so we would like to recognize some of our top dogs. However, readers […]