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Grabbed from link If you are not already aware, there is a battle brewing that will potentially affect the standards by which our food-production animals are raised. It will also negatively impact people and pets from the the perspective of food and public health. Credit: Thinkstock. The Huffington Post article Amendment To Farm Bill Could […]

Grabbed from link A reader named Yvonne recently contacted me through my website (another way to get in touch is through my Facebook page) about a problem suffered by one of her cats. The cat, who is kept strictly indoors, was suffering lethargy and fever. The veterinarian administered subcutaneous fluids, a long-lasting injectable antibiotic called Convenia, […]

Grabbed from link It had snowed the evening my dog, Trucker, and I stood in a little park area across the street from my home. He trotted up the dead-end street and I called him to return. In a happy frolic he gained momentum running towards me, aiming towards a dead-end street sign and a steel […]

Grabbed from link Everyone’s favorite permakitten, Lil BUB, was never supposed to walk due to the osteopetrosis and extreme dwarfisim that cause her minute size and affected the formation of her back legs. The vets her owner, Mike Bridavsky, consulted said it would only be a matter of weeks before Lil’ BUB would be unable […]

Bad Dog Jokes – Episode 7

December 27th, 2013

Grabbed from link Banana is an adorable 2-year-old Wirehaired Terrier mix and, well, she’s not great at making friends. It’s not that Banana isn’t friendly; it’s just that the other dogs don’t really have the same sense of humor that Banana has. Watch Banana try to make Alvin laugh, and you’ll see what we mean. […]