Grabbed from link Gale-force winds in Surrey, England, were so strong this weekend that they actually lifted hapless cats off of their feet and sent them flying through the air, according to the Guardian. Credit: Flickr: inthebag_golf The windstorm ripped through several counties in England on Saturday, with winds reaching 75 mph. There has been […]

Grabbed from link If dogs could talk, they would tell you these secrets in human language. But they have other ways of communicating these messages, if we are really listening and observing them. RELATED: Translating Woof Into the Human Language. Seriously? 1. I’d rather work for a living than lie around all day with nothing […]

Grabbed from link Ancient Egyptians revered cats. They even gave a few of their deities feline physical features and intelligence. Love Thy Beast honors these old ways with its Energy Pyramid Cat Home. Made from 100-percent recycled cardboard and printed with soy-based ink, the pyramid folds easily into shape. It comes with a corrugated liner […]

Grabbed from link San Francisco, Calif., residents Courtney Hatt and David Braginsky are planning to open a cat cafe this year. KitTea will serve gourmet teas with the addition of cats on the premises to help the patrons relax and enjoy themselves. Credit: Associated Press The idea first came to Hatt when she read an […]

Grabbed from link Do you complain about how much it costs to go to the vet? Do you refuse to go to the vet at all because you think they’re going to charge you lots of money for things your cat doesn’t need? Do you rail about veterinarians who won’t accept payment plans to treat […]

Grabbed from link Not every dog will be satisfied with a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood block. Many dog breeds, including the Border Collie, need intense exercise and lots of it. Bryan Gregory took this to heart when he hit the mountain bike trails with his Border Collie, Kaia, in tow. Gregory, a competitive mountain […]