Grabbed from link GENEVA – Environmental campaigners World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on Thursday condemned moves by British firm Soco International to start searching for oil in part of Africa’s oldest national park. Credit: Flickr/Global Water Partnership WWF said that Soco was on Saturday scheduled to start seismic testing in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Virunga […]

Grabbed from link I don’t know what grinds my gears more: Veterinarians who pooh-pooh raw diets because they seem to think cats can’t possibly get sufficient nutrition from any food that’s not fabricated at a massive factory where “research” and “science” has supposedly created a food better than a cat’s natural prey, or those who […]

Grabbed from link If you are reading this, I can safely assume you’re a cat lover — am I right? Those of us who are lucky enough to be owned by a feline know that sometimes we go out of our way to please them. Does it always work? Ha. Any amount of cat-delivered smugness […]

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Daily GIFs: April 18, 2014

April 20th, 2014

Grabbed from link Getting through the day can be tough, but you know what makes it easier? Adorable GIFs. Check out these furry mini-flicks floating around the Internet. It’s probably the cutest way to waste time and wait for the weekend. 1. “That. Is. Mine.” 2. “What? It’s Friday?!” 3. “When do I get my […]

Grabbed from link It seems like there’s always some new hype about the latest horrific disease you can catch from your cat, but the fact is that very few diseases can pass back and forth between humans and felines, and most of those that can are caused by parasites. As far as viruses and bacteria […]