Grabbed from link The kids have been clamoring for a cat. You’ve held them off for as long as humanly possible, but now you must decide whether or not to make the twenty year commitment to a new feline friend. To dog people, taking on a cat seems like no big deal – no house […]

Grabbed from link At any given time, it seems like someone I know is having an existential crisis, lying awake at night and torturing themselves with unanswerable questions: What if I just deactivate my Facebook account? Where did the last five years go? Where did I leave my car keys? Why are artichokes so complex […]

Grabbed from link Our species caused 322 animal extinctions over the past 500 years, with two-thirds of those occurring in the last two centuries, according to a paper published in a special issue of the journal Science this week. West African Black Rhinoceros (Extinct). Credit: Flickr/Arno Meintjes Wildlife Many animals are threatened with human-caused extinction […]

Grabbed from link Pet owners in my home town have recently had a reminder as to why it’s not a good idea to let dogs and cats roam freely and why parasite prevention is so important. Tularemia, a disease caused by infection with Francisella tularensis bacteria, was recently diagnosed in a wild rabbit in the […]

Grabbed from link For a couple of years now, Australian scientists have been “field testing” a poison that they call “curiosity.” Get it? Curiosity killed the cat? Ha ha, right? Ugh.  You see, they developed it as means of controlling the nation’s feral cat population. The “tipped ear” is the universal sign of a feral […]

Grabbed from link At the risk of upsetting my cat Murphy – who I’m convinced can not only read, but speed-read – here’s the latest bulletin from the world of cat feeder facial recognition technology. Credit: YouTube/Meow B. The Bistro smart cat feeder, designed by a team called 42ARK out of Taiwan, is the sort […]