Grabbed from link Cats are quirky. Everybody’s cat has strange habits, and mine is no exception. However, when it comes to Furball, he has an exceptional number of eccentricities related to eating. I could list dozens, but here are seven of his quirkiest. Does your cat share any of these oddball behaviors, too? 1. He […]

Grabbed from link TOKYO – Hello Kitty is not a cat, the company behind Japan’s global icon of cute insisted Thursday, despite an uproar from Internet users who spluttered: “But she’s got whiskers!” Credit: SomeDriftwood/Flickr The moon-faced creation that adorns everything from pencil cases to pyjamas the world over is, in fact, human. “Hello Kitty […]

Grabbed from link “Dear Kitten,” a viral video making the Internet rounds, features an older, wiser cat begrudgingly teaching the new kitten the ways of the world. Hilarious and oddly believable, some of the video is spot on, including how the “human larva … can be a bit grabby.” Although I don’t tend to refer […]

Grabbed from link Spritzing dogs with a “pig perfume” helps prevent them from barking incessantly, jumping frantically on house guests and from engaging in other unwanted behaviors, according to new research. Credit: Thinkstock The eau de oink, aka “Boar Mate” or “Stop That,” was formulated by Texas Tech scientist John McGlone, who was looking for […]

Grabbed from link Hi Einstein, I’ve been feeling like something the cat dragged in. I’m hot and my legs ache. When my human feels like this, he goes to the magic cabinet and he feels better soon. Sometimes he gives those orange baby aspirin to the dog when Fideaux’s joints hurt. Is there something behind […]

Grabbed from link It’s always annoying when a match is stopped by spectators running onto the field. However, when a cat is causing the ruckus, it’s hilarious. A black feline ran onto the field at the Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona during the opener between La Liga and Elche. The rambunctious kitty romped around before […]