Grabbed from link My family was going through a rough patch, which was stressful on the human members as well as the furry ones. I was stressed to the max, at my breaking point, and with two cats who apparently felt the same way and were telling me all about it by peeing in the […]

Grabbed from link Remember Draven Rodriguez, the kid at Schenectady High School who found himself embroiled in a local controversy about his plans to pose with his cat for his yearbook picture? Well, it turns out that after a compromise with the school’s principal, Diane Wilkinson, was brokered Draven has achieved his lifelong ambition and […]

Grabbed from link PARIS – A survey of over 3,000 species has found that animal numbers have plunged by more than half in just 40 years as Earth’s human population has nearly doubled, conservationists said Tuesday. Credit: Getty Creative From 1970 to 2010, there was a 39-percent drop in numbers across a representative sample of […]

Grabbed from link While held captive in a laboratory, Leo the long-haired cat had his third eyelids surgically removed. This act of cruelty was performed under the auspice of a study designed to help research vision correction in humans. Before Leo found his features butchered even further in animal testing, though, the folks at the […]

Grabbed from link She took my sweater. My mustard colored “grandpa sweater,” which is soft and comfy, totally the wrong color for me, and smells like years of, well, ME — has been claimed by the little predator in my home.  We just made a big move, and while Brandy the Cat has settled in […]

Grabbed from link One of the most defining features of a cat is her tail … unless she’s a Manx, that is. This breed’s unique appearance has spawned a crazy array of origin stories, but here’s the true scoop on how the Manx came to be. Photo CC-BY-SA Jumpinjim via Wikimedia Commons Origins It’s thought […]