funny quote

January 27th, 2015

My Karma ran over your dogma. – Unknown

Grabbed from link Bibi the dwarf goat is about as cute as they come. The little fella lives on a farm in the south of France with some horses, and one in particular has caught his fancy. Watch as he jumps up on his hind legs and prances toward the equine object of his affection. […]

Grabbed from link Boomer Esiason played quarterback in the NFL for 14 seasons. He can be heard on the nationally syndicated Boomer & Carton Show and the radio broadcast for Monday Night Football on Westwood One, and seen on Showtime’s Inside the NFL and CBS’s NFL Today. He is also a philanthropist raising millions of dollars for research […]

Grabbed from link The other day, my cat Bubba Lee Kinsey ate too many treats and threw up on the kitchen floor. As usual, I grabbed some paper towels and went after it, but before I wiped it up, I noticed the puke puddle was shaped vaguely like a cat. Had my creative kitty just […]

Grabbed from link Lindy is one happy horse. The air is fresh, the grass is green and she can roll around on the ground all day long. What more could a mare want? Share this on Facebook? MORE ON PAWNATION: Greyhound Has Awesome Snow Day in Pajamas French Bulldog Puppy Says ‘I Love You’ Cat […]

Grabbed from link Even though they’re covered in a layer of fur that grows magically thicker over the winter months, my cats hate the cold just as much as I do, spending much of their time fused either to me or my boyfriend, the nearest heater, or each other for warmth. When the temperature dips […]