Grabbed from link This post is brought to you by: One of my intentions in writing this column is to shine a light on the beautiful relationships that can happen between kids and cats. I’ve always lived with cats, and am a huge believer in teaching kids at an early age how to properly handle […]

Grabbed from link Rudiger is one determined cat. This feline has places to be, and four feet of snow isn’t going to stop him. When digging a tunnel doesn’t work, Rudiger resorts to other measures. Make no mistake, this cat is going to find a way out. Share this on Facebook? MORE ON PAWNATION: Norwegian […]

Atchoum the Persian Cat

February 18th, 2015

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Grabbed from link Bacon is a cat who likes to think that he has been genetically engineered. To be more precise, according to his Facebook claims, he is “an exotic longhair cat that is genetically engineered to be an awesome machine.” What this actually entails from a scientific point of view I am unsure, but […]

Grabbed from link Shelby missed her calling. This German Shepherd could have been performing at the Grammy Awards, impressing millions of people with her singing abilities. Maroon 5’s aptly named song “Animals” features some howling, and it is definitely Shelby’s favorite part. Share this on Facebook? MORE ON PAWNATION: Cat Wants Snow to Get Out […]

Grabbed from link Atchoum is the first French-Canadian celebrity cat. The exotic Persian, who looks like a long-lost relative of the late Colonel Meow, hails from a suburb north of Montreal. It’s no small thrill he’s a fellow Canadian — and from my hometown, no less. Atchoum’s French Canadian owner, Nathalie Côté, who speaks with a charming […]