Grabbed from link Of course Japan has a “cat island” or “Kyattoshima.” If I’ve learned anything in the six months I’ve lived here, it’s that things such as cat cafes and Pizza Cats prove that Japan is kitty crazy. I may never leave. While Hello Kitty and various other cat-themed accessories in addition to cat […]

Grabbed from link Your car’s windshield wipers clear your view and keep you safe while driving in the rain, but did you ever think about the effect this seemingly harmless piece of technology has on your cat’s well-being? With the spring rainy season approaching and April showers working hard to bring us those May flowers, […]

Grabbed from link “Nothing to see here” is exactly what this cat is thinking. After getting caught with her fur ball toy stuck in her mouth, she tries to play it cool. Nice try, cat, we saw you. Share this on Facebook? MORE ON PAWNATION: Mean Cat Pushes Glass off Table Loyal Dog Protects Woman’s […]

Grabbed from link This puppy is trying its hardest to turn over a Frisbee, but the Frisbee is definitely winning. Better luck next time, pup! Share this on Facebook? MORE ON PAWNATION: Cat Gets Caught Cleaning Her Toy German Shepherd Howls at Her Favorite Song Lazy Cat Lies Down While Drinking Water   Permalink | Email this | Comments […]

Grabbed from link Last month, we suggested that Sauerkraut could be the heir to Grumpy Cat’s throne when it comes kitties with permanent looks of disapproval on their faces. Well, now it looks like another contender has stepped up. This one’s named Pompous Albert, and he’s coming through with a serious case of what is […]

Grabbed from link Whoever said that skunks aren’t fun was dead wrong. Fiora is one friendly skunk, and by the looks of it, she loves to play. She is just too cute for words! Share this on Facebook? MORE ON PAWNATION: Happy Horse Rolls Around the Grass Cat Wants Snow to Get Out of the […]