Grabbed from link The other day, my cat Phoenix did not move for eight hours straight. She posted up on the ottoman by the couch, assumed her favorite napping position (belly up, tail tucked between legs, head cocked adorably to side) and began her marathon of unconsciousness, her occasional snores the only hint she was, […]

Grabbed from link So, you think you want to do shelter work and help cats. That is a good thing! We all love cats, and what could be wrong about wanting to help them in every way possible? Helping with adoptability, socializing, cleaning, or other kinds of volunteering, all make a difference. You’re contributing resources […]

Grabbed from link I share my home with three cats, but Cosmo and I have a special bond. And by “bond,” I mean he follows me from room to room and rarely allows me out of his sight. And if he has the opportunity, he parks himself right on top of me or flattens his […]

Grabbed from link Ears that can hear the tiniest rustle in the grass or the sound of a food tin opening from across the house. Eyes that can see clearly in the dark of night, with the exacting depth perception needed to pounce on an errant foot beneath the blankets. The ability to leap several […]

Grabbed from link This week’s Monday Miracle kitty goes by the name Twister. Why, you may ask? Well, it seems that this furball kitten is trotting through life with her right hind leg bent back in on itself — not that it shows any signs of slowing her down. Twister’s story begins when she was […]

Grabbed from link In my mind, it doesn’t get much better than watching a Kansas City Royals game with one or both of my cats, Bubba Lee Kinsey and Phoenix, curled up purring on my lap. (Of course, they freak out and run for cover every time my boyfriend and I erupt with applause after […]