Grabbed from link In my experience, cats sleep in one of two fashions. First, there are those times when they find themselves sprawled out in some ungainly and far-from-dignified pose — with limbs all askew — that lets you know they’re one truly zonked-out furball. It’s obviously awesome. Equally impressive are those other times when […]

Grabbed from link Every cat has a story. Ask almost any cat parents to tell you about their beloved furry family member, and you’ll be treated to a riveting story in league with the likes of Twain, Sedaris, or Breaking Bad. (At least to us cat lovers!) Cat people love a good cat story, and […]

Grabbed from link Before I adopted my second cat, Phoenix, I didn’t know what I’d been missing. My other cat, Bubba Lee Kinsey, and I had lived together for eight years, and despite the occasional fang-induced flesh wound, I thought we were pretty happy. In fact, I worried that a second cat would upset our […]

Grabbed from link We’ve passed the halfway point of the year and already we’ve been privileged to profile some outstanding Monday Miracles. There’s been a flurry of kitties scooting around on wheels; we’ve showcased a half-wild chap who found himself unceremoniously tangled up in a cord for the best part of 12 months, cats attacked by […]

Grabbed from link What’s orange and black, 8 inches tall and purrs like a motorboat? It’s a Toyger! In an age of designer cat breeds created by crossing domestic cats with wild ones, the Toyger is a breath of fresh air in that its foundation stock doesn’t contain a drop of wild blood. The Toyger […]

Grabbed from link A cross between a domestic house cat and an Asian leopard cat, the Bengal cat is about as close as you can get to having a tiny leopard in your house without, you know, actually adopting a leopard. Known for their beautiful spotted coats and playful, adventurous personalities, Bengals make great pets […]