Grabbed from link My husband and I recently celebrated our anniversary. This event was promptly overshadowed by the realization that it was also the anniversary of the date that my cat, Brandy, first came into my life. You see, my husband and I celebrate the day that we went from individual awkward, cranky cat people […]

Grabbed from link Known for their soft, luxurious fur and sweet temperament, Persian cats have been called everything from perfect companions to “pretty couch potatoes.” These fluffy feline friends may require a little extra grooming to keep their long hair looking its best, but they’ll reward your effort by being chill, talkative, and generally hilarious. […]

Grabbed from link This week’s hottest feline topic of conversation is — wait for it — cat butts. Yup, if you’re not talking about your kitty’s carefully crafted derriere then you’re missing out. I suspected something was afoot when, out of the blue, I was given a coin purse that doubles up as a handy field guide […]

Grabbed from link Like many people, I’ve been watching Donald Trump’s presidential campaign with a mixture of horror and amusement. His naked racism, arrogant bullying of anyone who crosses his path, and grandiose messiah complex make for great television but horrible politics. It shows just how much difference money can make: If Trump were pulling […]

Grabbed from link Look out, Puppy Bowl. There’s a brand new game in town, and come this Sunday afternoon, this new Mid-Summer Classic could gain on the canine contest’s popularity with cat-like quickness. Baseball has always been known as professional team sports’ most leisurely game, and that certainly fits in with the feline lifestyle. So […]

Grabbed from link The world is filled with cats sporting distinctive markings that make them look like they’re perennially perturbed. Why, just the other month we put the spotlight on Gary, a constantly concerned kitten. But now we have a new contender on the block — and his story has a twist to it. Named […]