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Prednisone for Cats

August 15th, 2015

Grabbed from link What is prednisone? Nestled closely by the kidneys, a cat’s adrenal glands produce a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol serves a number of functions, not only breaking down glucose for use as energy, but also aiding with the immune system’s response to swelling and inflammation. Prednisone for cats and its metabolized form, prednisolone, […]

Grabbed from link I have what some might call a bad habit of leaving long, complicated messages for cat sitters who take care of our two cats when my husband and I leave town. Someone could probably provide for the guys’ health and happiness without knowing, say, that Matty finds it soothing to hear a […]

Grabbed from link Ever since I adopted my tabby boys Lugosi and Spider back in March 2000 when they were eight months of age, their mummy started the tradition of throwing them a little birthday party every year. I didn’t know their exact date of birth, but the adoption shelter told me they were approximately […]

Grabbed from link Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in the May/June 2015 issue of Catster print magazine. Click here to subscribe to Catster magazine. Allergies are as mysterious as they are frustrating. Our immune systems decide they don’t like something and wage all-out war against the invader, wreaking more havoc on our bodies than the […]

Grabbed from link Cats effortlessly embody a punk-rock, screw-the-man ethos. This morning, for example, my cat Bubba Lee Kinsey puked on three — yes, three! — rugs seemingly to protest his recent diet. Meanwhile, my other cat Phoenix stretched out for a nap on the ottoman. When I asked her whether she really intended to […]

Grabbed from link Our opinions, made possible by: Cat hacks: The phrase sounds like a pet owner’s cyborg nightmare. When we first heard it, we imagined small furry feline armies with implanted laser headlamps and mechanical thumbs opening cat-food cans and engaging in creative late-night home renovation. But cat hacking isn’t about hacking your cat, […]