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Cat hacks: The phrase sounds like a pet owner’s cyborg nightmare. When we first heard it, we imagined small furry feline armies with implanted laser headlamps and mechanical thumbs opening cat-food cans and engaging in creative late-night home renovation.

But cat hacking isn’t about hacking your cat, it’s about hacking your cat’s environment — setting up things while you’re at work or out for the evening to keep your four-legged friend into stimulating activities and out of trouble.


Some of the five cat hacks in this video are surprisingly simple: One includes what you can do with a strategically situated window, which we like to call “Kitty TV.” Another involves using technology you were probably ready to give away or recycle. Still another has you make a mess that your cat will clean up while you’re gone.


Confused? Don’t be. It’s all pretty simple, and your cat will find these hacks engaging and entertaining. See for yourself — and view it again to see if you can count all the cat names the narrator works into the descriptions. There’s Princess, Whiskers, Oscar, Tucker … that’s about where the cuteness made us lose track. We promise, though, we didn’t see a single laser-beam cat-eye or mechanical thumb, so you can sleep easy tonight.

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