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Hellooooo, everypawdy! Thanks fur joining me fur another week of FABulosity!

OMG you guys won’t believe me: I got a purrsent on Furrday from my furriend Angie from Their shipping boxes are super cute, and as you know FAB is one of my favorites words. I took pics in the box and the co-founder of FAB, Bradford Shane Shellhammer, saw me … and HELLO! He fall in love with me OBVIOUSLY and he wrote me on my Facebook wall!

How megapawsome is that? He say that he sent me a purrfect gift, I’m super excited! Anyways, the FAB guys got inspired by me and set up a blog fur all their fans to send pics of their furchilds in FAB boxes, OMG I’m such a fashion trendsetter (well, we all knew that already). Thanks a lot to all the guys at FAB, especially Brad and of course to my furriend Angie!

So much to tell, but let’s start with my week on pics!

Friday, November 11

Time to revamp my wardrobe

On Furrday my momma give me a bath, and I LOVE IT! I felt sooo good after my bath! Also I got my closet reorganized. Tutus are out fur make more space fur my clothes, which I MEGA need it.

Nap in a tutu

I got my furriend Angie’s purrsent from that day, and you all know what happened with the pic I took in the box! See my Lunatoon about it.

Saturday, November 12

My new coat is too big!

On Caturday I finally try on my purrsent. Super cute coat, unfortunately is huge on me. It is size small, but maybe is a plus-size brand fur furchilds? I don’t know, but doesn’t matter because my momma will fix it.

Still in love with my box

Also I have to admit that I was still obsessed with my box! I think that box and me are a match made in heaven, FUR REALS.

Sunday, November 13

My Mass outfit

Fur Mass I wore a very pretty soft pink dress with tiny chocolate hearts on it, super appropriate fur Mass. I think is impurrtant to dress nice fur Mass.

Dressed fur Mass

I mean, you dress nice fur a party, or fur a job interview … Mass is way more impurrtant!

Monday, November 14

I'm not fat, I'm fluffy

On Monday, I was mentioned on Forbes! Yes, that’s right! Well, kinda, on Monday the guys at FAB reached a million subscribers (super PAWsome! ConCATulations, guys!)

Forbes calls me a "fat cat"

Anyways, Forbes call me FAT CAT on their article.

Let me tell you, Forbes, I have an exquisite body! Nothing against fat cats — my Uncle Charley say that they are more cute — but I work hard fur this tone and curves, Furbes!

Tuesday, November 15

Looking fabulous on Tuesday

OMG I can’t get over myself yet, on Tutu Tuesday I look SOOO BEYOND! I mean tutu + pink + animal print = TOO FAB FUR WORDS!

It's Tutu Tuesday

I also got super annoys because Facebook was eating all my comments. You got to see my Lunatoon about that!

Wednesday, November 16

You can't go wrong with sparkles

On Wednesday I wore a red polka dot dress and a super sparkly bow. Honestly, you can’t never go wrong with a sparkly bow.

Sparkles made me tired

Thursday, November 17

Scrabble vintage-style shirt

Thursday was a casual/nerd/chic/Gay Pride outfit, stylish demi, Scrabble vintage-feel shirt, and my rainbow bow, because any day is a good day fur show some support to my rainbow guys!

Fierce like you!

OMG got to take a look at my Lunatoon!

And we are done, guys!! What a week! I know I got crazy on the Lunatoons this week, I was feeling inspired … uoops I furgot I have one more. LOL I purrmiss that’s it!

Please don’t furget to check out my Catster purrfile!! Fur daily updates and fashion, join me at my Facebook fan page! But most impurrtant please visit my Purrsian Rescue page at my website! You never know when you will fall in love!

Remember that I loveeee comments (and if you don’t comment you know I will complain about it LOL)! Is finally Furrday — enjoy! See you next week!

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