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Last month, we suggested that Sauerkraut could be the heir to Grumpy Cat’s throne when it comes kitties with permanent looks of disapproval on their faces. Well, now it looks like another contender has stepped up. This one’s named Pompous Albert, and he’s coming through with a serious case of what is colloquially known as resting bitch face. Here’s what you need to know.

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Albert is a Selkirk Rex, which accounts for his super-plush furball look. And yes, he does indeed resemble a bad-tempered cartoon lamb at times.

Despite we humans deciding that he's giving off some serious resting bitch face vibes, Albert himself prefers to call his intense look a permascowl.

He's named Albert in honor of the inventor Albert Einstein (although the extent of the cat's own innovations has yet to be established).

Albert does not see the humor in trivial things. As he says about these plush mice, "These toys are an insult to my intellect."

Like most modern cats, Albert has a strong desire to disrupt any and all important attempts at human typing.

He's also fond of hopping in desk drawers.

Despite his burgeoning Internet fame, Albert appears to enjoy lounging in a wonderfully ramshackle cardboard abode.

As befits a cat with a no-nonsense-at-all glare, Albert will mess with your trash if the mood takes him. Always proceed with caution.

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