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Grabbed from link Hello guys!! OMG guess who is back to the office?! ME! I’m so super happy fur reals and my new office has three windows! I almost fainted — my view is PAWsome! We are in a cool area with tons of shops and we are on top of a Mexican restaurant (not […]

Grabbed from link Welcome, guys, to another week of fashion! (In case you missed it, check out my debut column overrr here.) I had an amazing week full of surprises! A very impurrtant week because I hit the 4,000 fans mark on my Facebook page! OMG I also want to share with you one of […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Birds, Funny Animal Videos I was never into combat sports. Outside of the “Rocky” movies, I always thought boxing was pretty boring. My brother and cousin were both into professional wrestling, but it never enticed me, even when I was a kid. And while the rise of MMA fighting over […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Dogs, Funny Animal Pictures Remember in the mid-to-late ’90s when everything was “extreme?” The X Games gripped the attentions of the country’s boys and young men, giving us a thirst for all things intense, which we quenched without actually risking profound damage to our bodies by using products like deodorant […]