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Grabbed from link This year, one Friday the 13th brought a spell of bad luck to our house. We planned to visit with family that evening, so we left out the big peanut butter bones for the dogs and shut the door to the bathroom for the cats. The bathroom has always been a “safe […]

50 Cutest Adoptable Black Cats

October 20th, 2012

Grabbed from link Petfinder 1 of 51 We have gathered 50 of the cutest black cats from across the nation, from our partner, Petfinder. Unfortunately, black cats get a bad rep for their coat color. Many superstitious people believe that with a black cat comes along bad luck, etc. Black cats are just as loving […]

Grabbed from link Happy Holidays! Can you believe that today is the last Furrday of the year? OMG, time flies fur sure! I hope everypawdy had an amazing Christmas and that you guys made your New Year’s resolutions! I had a superPAWsome Christmas with my family, and Santa brought me tons of cute clothes that […]