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Grabbed from link Cats are cute. That’s why they’re all over the Internet. That’s why PawNation exists. There’s no denying how adorable they are. And yet, paradoxically, cats are among nature’s most perfect killers. Slinky and silent, they stalk their prey with razor-sharp claws and fangs. They’re the ninjas of the animal kingdom. But no […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Pet Health, Ask A Vet, Animal Sites We Love publicenergy, Flickr Although I keep hoping that its time will come, the Internet hasn’t done much to dispel some erroneous thinking on the subject of pet healthcare. If anything, the Web is fueled by the kind of rumor mill sensibility that […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Dogs, Pet Health, Pet Adoption Rescuing puppies isn’t for the faint of heart. Case in point, the daring puppy rescue that Zak Anderegg carried out while rappelling into one of Utah’s slot canyons. Two weeks ago, Anderegg set out to explore the scenic Arizona-Utah border when he came upon a […]

Grabbed from link It’s no secret that cats love computers. Case in point: Catster has over 223,000 members, many of whom spend long days and nights at their computer keyboards, socializing with their online friends. But computers aren’t always safe for cats, and cats aren’t always good for your computer and other office equipment. Here […]