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Grabbed from link Happy Holidays! Can you believe that today is the last Furrday of the year? OMG, time flies fur sure! I hope everypawdy had an amazing Christmas and that you guys made your New Year’s resolutions! I had a superPAWsome Christmas with my family, and Santa brought me tons of cute clothes that […]

Grabbed from link Hello guys!! OMG guess who is back to the office?! ME! I’m so super happy fur reals and my new office has three windows! I almost fainted — my view is PAWsome! We are in a cool area with tons of shops and we are on top of a Mexican restaurant (not […]

Grabbed from link It’s a little chilly out, so find a nice warm blanket and ball up real small! To view the entire post click the word "link" next to the title. Follow me on Twitter at for more pet topics and pet tweets. Related Blogs

Caturday Cat Massage

December 5th, 2011

Grabbed from link It’s been a long week, so since it’s Caturday we figured we’d enjoy a nice, relaxing cat massage. Bubba here is an expert massage cat. He knows how to release the tension from the lower back and also get the knots out of your shoulders. I don’t know about you, but I […]

Grabbed from link HAPPY BLACK FURDAY!! OMG sooo many sales everywhere — is your head exploding? I know many of my fans are shopaholics so I wonder how many are going to actually read my column today lol! It’s okay, guys, I TOTALLY understand! Just purrmiss to check it out later and tell me about […]

Grabbed from link Hellooooo, everypawdy! Thanks fur joining me fur another week of FABulosity! OMG you guys won’t believe me: I got a purrsent on Furrday from my furriend Angie from Their shipping boxes are super cute, and as you know FAB is one of my favorites words. I took pics in the box […]