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Grabbed from link We’ve talked about the Vacavaliente recycled leather dog-shaped desk caddy on, but what if you love cats, helping out the environment, and being organized? Where are your cat products? Here’s one: Vacavaliente makes its desk caddy numerous animal shapes, and one of them is a cat. The normally-pricey caddy (it’s made of […]

Grabbed from link Ian Kubacak and Jess Moss of Hotline Design Ink made a splash in the world of cat fashion this week when their kitty-based designs appeared for sale on the daily design inspiration site The Austin-based screenprinters have been praised for whipping up their creative styles with a feline-inspired twist. Every day […]

Grabbed from link Happy Holidays! Can you believe that today is the last Furrday of the year? OMG, time flies fur sure! I hope everypawdy had an amazing Christmas and that you guys made your New Year’s resolutions! I had a superPAWsome Christmas with my family, and Santa brought me tons of cute clothes that […]

Grabbed from link Hellooooo, everypawdy! Thanks fur joining me fur another week of FABulosity! OMG you guys won’t believe me: I got a purrsent on Furrday from my furriend Angie from Their shipping boxes are super cute, and as you know FAB is one of my favorites words. I took pics in the box […]

Grabbed from link We first ran into Heather Mattoon’s Cats in Clothes portraits at a sale, and marveled at each kitty’s thoughtful expression and carefully chosen wardrobe. Since then she’s been featured everywhere from I Can Haz Cheezburger to her local newspaper. We caught up with Heather for the scoop behind the portraits, and […]