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Grabbed from link Last November, I wrote a two part post about the danger that ethylene glycol containing antifreeze poses to pets and talked a little about “animal-friendly” antifreezes that contain a bittering agent (denatonium benzoate) to make them taste bad. I’ve got good news! On December 13, the Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF) and […]

Grabbed from link After a protracted yet amicable custody battle, my ex, Sean, had taken our gray cat, Ichiban, and I’d kept his littermate Jack. The six-month-old pair were the best of friends as they entered their “tween cat” phase. Their mother had been a Russian Blue, their father a black Domestic Shorthair. Ichi was […]

Grabbed from link Editor’s Note: Rebecca Jane Stokes is a writer for Catster’s sister SAY Media site, This article first ran on, but we’re rerunning it (with permission!) so you readers can comment on it. Please note that the opinions expressed below are just the author’s and not necessarily Catster’s. If any living creatures deserve to […]

Grabbed from link If you admit to others that you have a multi-cat household, you may get a ton of questions about cleanliness or cost. I’ve heard them all. But I can tell you that in our six-cat household (a mixture of Humane Society adoptees and animals abandoned in the countryside), it is possible to […]

Grabbed from link Share this image Jennifer Alden isn’t sure what happened to Triumph’s legs. She first met the handsome, 2-year-old kitty about a month ago, after his owner surrendered him to the Humane Society. Upon noticing his oddly bent front legs, a Humane Society worker brought Triumph to Central Texas Cat Hospital in Round Rock, […]

100 Best Cities For Dogs

September 23rd, 2012

Grabbed from link Thinkstock 1 of 102 No one wants to hear that his city has gone to the dogs. But in this case, it means canines are king, and Portland leads the pack. We crunched the per capita numbers of dog parks (Trust for Public Land), dog-friendly apartments (, vets (, animal shelters (, […]