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Grabbed from link This week’s question is from Catster reader Barbara. Barbara writes: Hello, Sarah! I have three adult cats and just adopted an eight-week-old kitten. My cats used to have their dry food sitting out all day, and now that we added a kitten they are eating each other’s food. The kitten is eating […]

Grabbed from link Hey everyone! I’m super extra excited about our latest feature that we’re going to start doing, “Ask a Cat Lady with Sarah Donner”! You may remember her from her fun TNR how-to video we posted not too long ago. Sarah is one of my favorite cat ladies I’ve had the pleasure of […]

Grabbed from link Yesterday I went to Pet Supermarket to make a quick cat food run. As usual, I’d let Pimp and Moo’s food get down to the last few kibbles before going out to get more. I never let them run out, of course, but I’m always last minute. I had just left yoga […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Cats, Pet Health LincolnStein, Flickr As Americans struggle to keep our waistlines in check, it’s no real surprise that our unhealthy lifestyles have been weighing down our pets as well. In fact, a new study has found that American dogs and cats are facing an obesity epidemic much like our […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Dogs, Pet Product Reviews Getty Picture this. You live in a fifth-floor walk-up in a big city. You don’t have a car. It’s a cold, wet day and you realize your dog is nearly out of food, leaving you with no choice but to trudge to the nearest store and […]