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Grabbed from link Editor’s Note: Stephanie Harwin, our style columnist, has her own cat-centric site, Catsparella (check it out for all kinds of awesomeness!). She had a great adventure she wrote about earlier this week for Catsparella, and we’re running it on Catster with her permission. If you were watching the “America’s Funniest Health Videos” […]

Grabbed from link Back in 1996, when I first adopted my darling cats, Sinéad and Siouxsie, as tiny, featherweight bundles of kitten fluff, I had no idea that I was launching myself into a lifelong quest for the perfect kitty litter. I took a lot for granted back then. I knew I wanted to feed […]

Grabbed from link My cat, Furball, is the poster child for eco-friendly cats. He uses natural kitty litter, eats organic cat food, and uses a scratching post that has been recarpeted too many times to remember.  If that’s not enough, Furball also inspired a book on how to make your own eco-friendly cat toys, and […]

Grabbed from link Imagine running a no-kill cat shelter that houses 300 cats and being evicted on a technicality. Here’s the story from Montreal as printed in the Montreal Gazette: They face being evicted – or possibly euthanized – within days, but the 300 cats at a shelter in Montreal North are blissfully unaware, a […]