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Grabbed from link Editor’s Note: Shani Silver is a writer for Catster’s sister SAY Media site, This article first ran on xoJane, and we’re running it here (with permission!) so you can comment on it. I wasn’t allowed to date while I lived under my mother’s roof. Instead, my mom wanted me to focus […]

Grabbed from link With twisted back legs and a face that will turn even the most hardened heart into a puddle of pancake syrup, Plucky Pretzel, a deformed Siamese kitten, is an inspiration to thousands of people. Did we mention Pretzel is also blind? It’s no biggie, though — this special kitty’s disabilities don’t slow […]

Grabbed from link It’s fun to mess with our pets here and there, but this might be a step too far. At least these Corgis think it is. The Corgis in this video are dressed up in panda costumes. Cute, right? “I am going to poop in the living room for this one, Mom,” the […]

Grabbed from link After four years of struggling to find a job, I finally have one — and I’m considering quitting before I’ve even started! I’m guilty of some super-irrational thinking when it comes to my cat, Nessie. I’m terrified of starting my first job at age 26, but I’m mostly worried for my cat’s […]

Grabbed from link Put aside what ever you are doing, we have an adorable baby animal for you to see. This is the Bronx Zoo’s newest resident, a baby Baringo Giraffe. The slender-legged sweetie is currently 6 feet tall and 100 pounds, but will probably grow to be around 16 feet and 2,600 pounds. While […]

Grabbed from link Everyone loves a man in uniform, so how about a man in uniform with cats?! Be still, our cat-lady hearts!  Meet Tracy Glenn, a dashing young police officer and daddy to two rescue princesses named Leia and Josie. When he’s not out protecting and serving us humans, he’s at home serving his kitties […]