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Grabbed from link PawNation 1 of 50 What’s hot right now? PawNation’s top 50 dog leaders! We’ve got a wide variety of cute pups that are doing awesomely in our Who’s Cutest game. There are thousands of your pets entered in the game, so we would like to recognize some of our top dogs. However, readers […]

Grabbed from link Hello guys!! OMG guess who is back to the office?! ME! I’m so super happy fur reals and my new office has three windows! I almost fainted — my view is PAWsome! We are in a cool area with tons of shops and we are on top of a Mexican restaurant (not […]

Grabbed from link Hellooooo, everypawdy! Thanks fur joining me fur another week of FABulosity! OMG you guys won’t believe me: I got a purrsent on Furrday from my furriend Angie from Their shipping boxes are super cute, and as you know FAB is one of my favorites words. I took pics in the box […]

Grabbed from link Oooh! We have some super exciting news, everybody! (Or everyPAWdy, as our super exciting news might say.) Luna the Fashion Kitty is going to have a regular column on Catster every Friday from now on! She’s going to show us all her latest fashions from the week and tell us about all […]

Teacup Pig Plays Piano

July 6th, 2010

Grabbed from link Filed under: Funny Animal Videos, Farm Animals Elton John. Billy Joel. Alicia Keys. Piano-playing prodigies have created some of the most memorable songs of the past 50 years, as their handle on the ivories has proven crucial to the pop-music landscape. And, OMG, if we’re not mistaken, little Wilbur (sorry, we’ve been […]