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Grabbed from link Just about everyone I know, with the exception of a few snow-starved Tahoe aficionados, is welcoming the arrival of spring. True, this year’s winter was a pretty mild (or, for skiers, lame) one in most parts of the U.S. Nonetheless, most of us are glad to see longer, warmer days with the […]

Grabbed from link Amy LiebermanAnnual ceremony invites four-legged friends to participate in ritual.… full story Discussion This is nice that owners can share faith and religon with their pets. (by Ches21) To view the entire post click the word "link" next to the title. Follow me on Twitter at for more pet topics and pet tweets. Related Blogs

Grabbed from link Filed under: Dogs, Cute Pet of the Day pensive_shadows, Flickr Name: Harlequin (Harley for short) Age: 7 months Breed: Black Labrador mix Location: Saint Joseph, Mo. Favorite Treat: Ice cubes Favorite Toy: Pheasant stuffed animal Likes: Crunching leaves, playing fetch, digging holes, chewing on bones twice the size of her head Dislikes: […]