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Grabbed from link A 2.5-ton elephant named Baby decided to escape from the circus and head out for a latte earlier this week in Cork, Ireland. Cameras captured Baby’s day out as she tromped around a parking lot outside of Costa Coffee. Circus officials were able to round Baby up and bring her back quickly […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Animal Sites We Love Where’s this mama elephant taking her two calves in this adorable photo from the Daily Squee? We can only speculate without tapping into our own personal experience, because the places our moms used to take us during summer vacation don’t apply. They’re not going to the […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Small Pets, Funny Animal Pictures Not only does the stuffed animal here resembles a certain Who-hearing literary pachyderm, but even his European red squirrel friend looks like a Dr. Seuss character come to life, what with his wide eyes, slack jaw, and goofy ear tufts. Elephants and rodents might not […]