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Grabbed from link Mellie TestVeterinarian-approved pet health resource petMD has launched a completely new look!  Sliding featured articles showcase hand-picked content authored and approved by veterinarians. Columns specifically devoted to Health, Wellness and Education give you quick access to featured content in those categories.… full story Discussion To view the entire post click the word […]

Grabbed from link Editor’s Note: Louise Hung is a writer for Catster’s sister SAY Media site, This article first ran on xoJane, but we’re rerunning it (with permission!) so you readers can comment on it. Please note that the opinions expressed below are just the author’s and not necessarily Catster’s. I’ve been on a natural living kick […]

Keep Your Pet Healthy For Less

December 20th, 2012

Grabbed from link Charlotte ReedCost-saving strategies for maintaining good pet health.… full story Discussion With food sales and cupons are good but also cheaper food we get Abby cheaper food but we did our re… (by Ches21) Hello, My name is Florentin and I’m the owner of

Grabbed from link Thinkstock 1 of 9 By Dr. Patty Khuly It’s a tough subject to tackle. After all, veterinarians do plenty of annoying things, too. But this particular post is all about you – well, not you, but the annoying yous among you. Not that most of you deserve this, but some of you […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Pet Health, Ask A Vet, Animal Sites We Love wallyhartshorn, Flickr By Dr. Nancy Kay, via Vetstreet February has been proclaimed “Responsible Pet Owners Month,” but what does the word responsible mean when applied to how we care for our beloved pets? No doubt, there are as many definitions as […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Pet Health, Ask A Vet, Animal Sites We Love Brenda Phillips By Arden Moore, via Vetstreet The statistics are sad–and startling. One third of all dogs will be affected by cancer during their lifetimes. In fact, the disease ranks as the leading cause of death in dogs. Dr. Brenda Phillips, […]