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Grabbed from link I have a few friends who don’t care for cats. But when I meet someone and we discover that we both love cats, we’re both instantly on a whole new level. And I’ll freely admit that I don’t understand how anyone can’t love cats — though I grant these people their differences. […]

Grabbed from link Spritely pooches show off their stuff in this hilarious (and adorable) parody of the One Direction song, “Kiss You”. There’s just one problem: We can’t decide who’s cuter, One Direction or this crew of pups. But we’re PawNation, so we’re going to go with pup crew! Sorry, Mr. Harry Styles, but we […]

Grabbed from link The hardest part of life with our beloved cats is that we will have to let them go. Inevitably, we (usually) outlive our companion animals. Nothing about this process gets easier — I’ve been through it many times and each time has been different, heartbreaking, and significant. Why significant? Because sometimes it […]

Grabbed from link Okay, I had to channel my inner Barry White for this tune. I’ve never had the problem of cats licking my lotioned legs, probably because my overactive sebaceous glands keep my skin slick and moist on their own. If closing the door and putting on pants isn’t working out for you, you […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Small Pets, Funny Animal Videos The first roommate I had after college kept a pet rabbit, so I can confirm the truth of this song’s sentiment. Bunnies are, without exception, cute as buttons. But they don’t do a whole lot. They’re not as interactive as dogs or even cats. That’s […]

Grabbed from link Filed under: Dogs, Cute Pet of the Day amycpix, Flickr Name: Sookie Location: California Age: 5 months Breed: Pomchi Favorite Toy: Mini soccer ball Favorite Treat: Peanut butter Likes: Long walks and the dog park Dislikes: Bath time Weird Quirk: She likes to stick her tongue out. Fun Fact: Sookie loves to […]