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Prairie Dog Ballerina

December 8th, 2011

Grabbed from link Filed under: Exotic Pets, Small Pets, Funny Animal Videos You and I have seen this behavior a zillion time from all sorts of treat-hungry pets. It’s not the dancing/begging that surprises us; it’s that it took this long for someone to slap a tutu on their favorite critter before doling out the […]

Grabbed from link HAPPY BLACK FURDAY!! OMG sooo many sales everywhere — is your head exploding? I know many of my fans are shopaholics so I wonder how many are going to actually read my column today lol! It’s okay, guys, I TOTALLY understand! Just purrmiss to check it out later and tell me about […]

Grabbed from link Happy Furday! Welcome to my column, Dress Fur Impress! OMG I can’t believe that October is almost gone and guess what?!? I haven’t worn the same thing twice! The sad part is that I need more days fur rock all my Halloween stuff, but is OK, we always have next year! Office […]

Grabbed from link Welcome, guys, to another week of fashion! (In case you missed it, check out my debut column overrr here.) I had an amazing week full of surprises! A very impurrtant week because I hit the 4,000 fans mark on my Facebook page! OMG I also want to share with you one of […]