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The other day, my cat Phoenix did not move for eight hours straight. She posted up on the ottoman by the couch, assumed her favorite napping position (belly up, tail tucked between legs, head cocked adorably to side) and began her marathon of unconsciousness, her occasional snores the only hint she was, in fact, still alive.

Despite being generally lazy and listless, nothing snaps Phoenix out of a stupor quite like a pesky insect buzzing uninvited through the room. Suddenly, my squishy little lap-warmer remembers she descended from tigers. She’ll throw around her impressive girth, stalking, climbing, and jumping until she has the bug trapped between her cute, spotted paws.

Thanks to warmer weather, rogue insects are invading my personal space more often, giving Phoenix the chance to hone her hunting skills. Here are five other cats who made the catch when it counted.

1. Bug hunting after a rainstorm

After a rainstorm in Indonesia, an insane, disgusting cloud of bugs hatches and swarms the streets. The good news: Kitty to the rescue! This amount of bugs will keep him occupied all afternoon.

2. Cat vs. yellow butterfly

Okay, so I generally don’t approve of killing butterflies, but Meesha the cat looks so cute that I’ll let it slide. Also, that butterfly was indoors, so it was kind of on their turf now. Dang butterfly needs to learn to respect some boundaries. (P.S. The butterfly is a robot.)

3. An interspecies effort

After this bug snuck indoors and flew a little too high for Egon the cat to reach, his human dutifully offered a helping hand. “Get it!” he shouts, as Egon tries unsuccessfully to trap the insect between his paws.

4. Desperate times

Ever been rudely awakened by your kitty pouncing in your lap or knocking over a glass of water in hot pursuit of a threat only she can see? Of course you have. Once again, Simon’s Cat totally nails this unique experience of cat ownership.

5. Getting it done

This curious, wide-eyed kitten is the most adorable little murderer I ever did see. That fly totally had it coming.

Is your cat a most-excellent hunter? Tell us in the comments!

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