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Like many pet products, dog treats of the 21st century have improved greatly on their earlier versions. Instead of just giving pooches a tasty reward, these modern morsels can also help to promote wellness, develop canine hunting instincts, and even disguise dreaded medications.

So if your four-legged friend could benefit from a savory snack that packs an additional punch, try introducing him to a new nibble for the new year. To help you discover a different kind of delicacy, our friends at Zootoo rounded up some of their favorite dog treats with a little something extra.

sturdibag carrierFreshpet

Simple and delicious, Dog Joy Sweet Potato Treats from Freshpet feature one ingredient only – sweet potatoes, making these healthful snacks rich in such goodies as beta carotene, vitamin C, and dietary fiber. And if the solid nutritious value isn’t enough to tantalize your pooch, our canine reviewer devoured the taste of these morsels, quickly making them a favorite.

pet carrierDogswell

To help promote good cardiac health for your canine, try Happy Heart Chicken Breast Jerky Treats from Dogswell. These snacks use cage-free chicken breast, a pesticide-free component that’s also good for the environment, to create a delectable taste for dogs. And even more impressive is what’s not on the ingredient list: Dogswell’s Happy Heart Treats are free of by-products.

bergan pet carrierGreenies

Save yourself the hassle of getting your pooch to take his medication with Greenies Pill Pockets. These ingeniously designed snacks have a hollowed-out center to create a perfect resting space for your canine’s capsules, and our tester dog flipped for the smell and taste of these time-saving treats.

pet carrierPetstages

Combining the appeal of a chew toy with the flavor of a delicious treat, Occupi Crunchy Busy Bars from Petstages have a unique texture and shape that provide a stimulating surface to keep your dog engaged in chewing. And for additional fun, the Busy Bars can be used with the Occupi line of treat toys, challenging your dog to use his wits and encouraging his hunting instinct.

pet slingiVet

A tasty snack made with real chicken and rice, Healthy Rewards Low Fat Canine Treats from iVet help to prevent obesity and related complications with a formula containing ingredients such as flaxseed. And our tester pooch couldn’t resist the meaty flavor and chewable texture of these morsels.

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